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Creating a branded space for KBB

Fresh was asked by Impey Showers to design and deliver 2 displays for KBB, Europe's leading kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom design show.

Held at the NEC Birmingham, we created a welcome / meet and greet area branded for Impey Wetrooms, a market leader in the wetroom sector.

The Brief

We were briefed to design an area that demonstrated Impeys' new partnership with Virtual Worlds as well as a space that could display literature, create a social seating area that was easy to relax and unwind in as well as sit for longer discussion if need be. They needed a fridge for cold juices and a space that can communicate key messages.

The Solution

The rooms that are normally used for meetings can be dark and uninspiring - we needed a total transformation.

Cladding the walls with either white walls or white voil changed the look straight away. A central up and over canopy with a ceiling that was mirrored in the second room, for Duka, pulled the 2 Brands together.

At the back of the room Barcelona chairs, coffee tables with diffusers created a great space for conversation. We even added a swing chair - a bit of a conversation starter!

The central area acted as a bar where fresh drinks were served cold from the fridge. The underlying message from Impey was - 'looking after our customers', so fresh juices were chosen along with bowls of fresh fruit - a nice change from the amount of coffee on tap at exhibitions.

The branding colours - black and white - were soften by the voil, key lighting, wooden structures and key messaging.

At the front of the room, visitors were welcomed by a staff member at a reception desk.

All the units had hidden storage within them, a key part of designing a workable set.

The overall effect of the room was to transport you into a very different atmosphere, one that you would not associate with the noisy stressful exhibition that you were visiting.


“The decision to work with Fresh International for the KBB 2020 show was born though our need to meet and greet customers in a beautiful, considered and workable space, aligned to the Impey brand.
Every detail was considered and delivered on time. I will not hesitate to use Fresh again”
Neil Whitehead, Brand Marketing Manager, Coram UK – home to the brands Impey wetrooms and Coram Showers

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